3 Tips About The Sleep Master 6 Inch Queen-Size Memory Foam Mattress

There are numerous king and queen sized memory foam mattresses out there so it can be hard to find the right one. There are also many outlets that sell them. Amazon is a popular choice for people who don’t mind buying online. This is a look at the Sleep Master queen sized memory foam mattress sold by Sleep Revolution through Amazon.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About The Sleep Master Queen Mattress

1. Like other memory foam mattresses this one shifts and adjusts to the weight and position of your body. It conforms to you and helps you to sleep at night by providing you with the comfort and support where you need it most. There is a concentration of this at the neck, back, and knees and feet, where most of your pressure points can be found. Aggravating these pressure points causes you to have troubled sleep and is the reason people toss and turn in their sleep.

2. The mattress isn’t very thick at only six inches, which is why it’s a very budget friendly option. The only thing cheaper than a six inch mattress when it comes to memory foam is a mattress topper you place on a regular mattress. A full memory foam mattress is always going to be the better option overall. The top of the mattress is a 1.5 inch thick layer of memory foam, with the rest being a layer of much denser base foam that provides support and keeps the mattress strong and durable.

3. The foam in the mattress is Certi-PUR certified which means it is top quality even if there isn’t too much of it in the mattress. Certi-PUR means that it’s durable and performs very well too.

Made Of A New Type Of Memory Foam

One of the major reasons why this is considered one of the best queen-sized mattresses is the new type of memory foam it is made with. One advantage that this mattress has over others is that it is using a new kind of memory foam. It uses a BioFoam rather than the more traditional options which can involve petroleum. BioFoam helps keep your mattress fresh for longer and reduces naturally occurring damage as a result.

The mattresses are shipped compressed to save time, space, and money for all involved. It arrives in a package much smaller than the full sized mattress. Just take it out of the packaging and leave it to expand on your bed. The expansion process can take up to a few days to fully actualise so be patient. It should also be taken out of the packaging as quickly as you can because leaving it packed like that can cause damage. It’s fine for a few days, but no longer than a week.