7 Things You Can Find Out From A Background Check Report

When you apply to a job you`re almost definitely going to be subjected to a background check. If you’re curious about what gets put into a background check here’s a quick look. Alternatively, you can read this Yahoo article on background check services which provides a comprehensive review on what you can find on a background search report. The amount of information included depends on the job and scale of the check, and the information can include the following items.

1. Criminal Records, Including Sex Offender Records
If you`re working in a position of trust you will have your criminal background checked. If you’re a registered sex offender you have almost no chance of finding work in a position of trust such as being a doctor or a teacher. Unfortunately this information may be outdated and inaccurate if an employer doesn`t use a good provider.

2. Citizenship Status
Employees are also going to check your citizenship status and, in the case of immigrants, whether you have the right to legally work in the country. If you’re a legal immigrant you won`t have any trouble. Illegal immigrants are going to have some trouble and, in some scenarios, an employer may pass on your information to an immigration office.

3. Litigation Records
Employees may check if you`ve got a history of filing lawsuits, especially against past employers.

4. Driving License Checks
If you`re going to be working as a driver then your employee will check to make sure that the information on your driving license and, indeed, your driving license itself is valid and legal.

5. Education Records
It`s important for an employer to know that an applicant hasn`t lied about their education history. Your potential employer will check this so don`t put that you went to university if you didn`t.

6. Employment History
An employer is more likely to check your employment history if there is a long period of time unaccounted for in your CV. They will also check to make sure you`ve worked where you say you have.

7. Medical Records
An employer may check your medical records, including any records of time spent in a mental institution. It`s important to know that you aren`t a threat to yourself or your fellow workers, as well as making sure you won`t be an insurance nightmare.

When you consider all the information brought up in a background check it`s important to make sure your CV is up to date and honest. Don`t leave any gaps in your personal history that you can`t explain. You`re expected to embellish the truth a little, not outright lie.